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buying a shotgun in france


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I am wanting to buy a shotgun in france and after reading many books am still no closer to finding out how!!! One book that i have read said that all i need is to go to a shop with proof of my address and identity and they register you as being the owner.I am aware that to hunt with the chasse i need to pass a practical and theory exam, this is not what i want to know, i want to purchase the\gun for use on my own land.Any practical advice would be greatly welcomed. 

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Legally there is no exception, Jon.

Although a "blind eye" has been, and still is, often cast on these things in the French countryside it is still an offence which can carry a prison sentence, although normally a fine and costs would be more likely for a first offence, but a criminal conviction all the same, which is even more tricky if you are not a French National, deportation being a possibility.

The really serious situation arises if there is an accident and a person gets hurt. A shotgun bring used without a permis de chasse can only be used for clay pigeon shooting at a designated place, not your land without permission.


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Shotguns : one shot per barrel
(single or double barrel).
10/ 12/ 16/ 20/ 24/ 28
12/ 14 mm
410 mag / etc.
I. D. +
hunting or
shooting licence

You will get a shooting licence by joining a clay pigeon or target club, but you still will not be able to use it legally on your own land unless you have a permis de chasse as I posted before. It's strange really because in some ways the law is "looser" in the UK, but then there are not as many guns over there.

Still trying to help, Chris



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