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Who is crazy here ?


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As I see it the authorities in Hungary correctly imposed a movement restriction order on poultry and meat products to prevent the spread of bird flue in the area of their outbreak.  Now ...it appears such Hungarian regulations do not apply to internaationl movement of meat products....that requires an EU regulation to be imposed ..thus it would appear  Bernard Matthews imported meat from Hungary after the outbreak as DEFRA could not order them to stop the importation as to do so would be in breach of EU regulations . What is going on here ?  why are they in DEFRA so frightened to break an EU rule that obviously needs breaking in the public interest then argue to have it changed afterwards.... a .payment of compensation risk if they get it wrong ...  I suppose ?  
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It seems amazing that it actually pays to transport Half processed turkeys from Hungary to UK anyway. The more I read and hear about Defra and most UK agencies , the more I think they have completely lost the plot. They probably have to phone up half a dozen other civil service dept.s before they can make a decision in case it's not P.C.Obviously work alongside the CSA. Can't do their job but get bonuses?


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It is at least possible that some good will come from this as people will start, hopefully, to realise that blaming wild birds for H5N1 has been the soft option, there never has been any sound evidence that wild birds are anything other than victims of the vast legal and illegal trade in poultry and poultry products.

Check it out thoroughly.


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