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I live in 79. In my wildlife diary for last year I have entered the arrival of Swallows on March 28th. I keep looking in anticipation. It was much better weather though. I am ashamed to say I think they were swallows.  I cannot tell the difference in flight between, swallows, swifts, martins. Still; no doubt I will learn soon. I am also looking forward to seeing the Bee Orchis again.
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We've got swallows swooping on the lake in the evening.. fantastic to watch.  We've also got some Black Red Starts (brown females with red under tail, black and white male with red under tail), probably got the name wrong, nesting in an outbuilding, we had a lovely set of babies in our last house so I am really glad to see them here. 


just saw a kingfisher....wow

EDIT again, following the example set by bugbear I checked the rspb site and yes this is what they are..


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