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Odd bird....

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Was just looking out of my front door, when a very odd looking bird came into view. Went off to get my camera, came back, it was still there, but unfortunately my camera batteries weren't.

It was maybe a bit bigger than a blackbird, beige, brownish tan body colour, with black and white 'zebra stripey' bits on its wings, a very long thin beak, which it was quite happily sticking in the ground and pulling out the worms, and on its head was a funny sticky outy bit, which was also black and white sort of zebra striped!

Any ideas as to what it could have been? Looked at Chris PP's site and couldn't find a picture of it there..... and I want to know what it was!

I live in area 79.......

Thank you

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    It's a hoopoe!   We are in 79 too and have just started seeing them regularly in our garden.   They are fairly rare in UK - in our British bird book which is probably about 15 years old it says there are only 30 nesting pairs in UK....   Much more common here; they look very exotic don't they!

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[quote user="Emma"]

Thats it!! Its a hoopoe.. aren't they the ones that are meant to make that strange noise a bit like a cuckoo, but different!



Quite right - they go "hoop hoop" "hoop hoop"  :)

well that's what it sounds like to me [:P]

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