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One for Chris flying beetles ?

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Last  night we had entering under the kitchen door lots of long thin black beetles about an inch in length long feelers at the front in fact they look just like cockroaches..shown. on the spray can ...but these things can fly ..Outside on the path and the wall of the house were loads of them  so perhaps they have hatched out from close  by ... the  spray zaps them  fine ...we dont want to live with these things ..I havent seen them in the UK.....have we got some kind of flying cockroaches down here   Chris ?  sorry cant show you a photo ..I havent sorted out how to do it yet .
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No, they aren't cockroaches, couldn't you just put them back outside rather than squirting chemicals at them, it really would be much better for everyone concerned including you?

Anything like this (not this but like this)



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No Chris mine have brown legs and antennae black shiney head move like the clappers on the ground and dive into cracks under skirting ...we were talking loads last night so i think they may have just come up out of the ground they were all up the walls and over the path they have jaws and i have discovered eat spiders small ones ....I am afraid they freak out the OH  who does not want these in the food cupboards ....cant say I want then flying about in  the house either   I normally live  and let live but not with these

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