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How do we stop a woodpecker making holes in the shutters?


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My neighbour is guardian to a Chateau. The shutters above ground are 25/30ft up and are about 8ft high. A woodpecker has taken to pecking large holes in them. Repairing them is a problem due to not only the height above ground, but also their weight - they cannot simply be lowered without the use of a pulley or similar.

Is there a way the woodpecker can be deterred ? Is there a special paint or something that can be used on the shutters? I suppose the last resort would be to shoot the bird, but we don't really want to do that.

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Well this Forum is varied if nothing else - this is the first time I've ever heard of woodpeckers attacking shutters!

As I understood it, woodpeckers peck (usually trees) to get at insects.  Maybe there is a bigger underlying problem with the shutters and they are infested with something?

(what do you call a woodpecker with no beak?   -  a headbanger)


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I reckon you've hit the nail on the head, Pierre, something wrong with the shutters, probably not in very good nick and full of insects. Woodpeckers only peck or dig at decaying wood, either for food, to drum or to excavate a nest hole.

I'll ignore the shooting bit as it has to be a "silly".


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We had the same problem on our old shutters , a neighbour gave us some silver/red tape (foil) which is supposed to deter/frighten birds as they flicker.You can buy it at garden centres , brico's etc.   Seemed to do the trick but since had the shutters replaced .I've also seen people use CD's nailed to the shutter for the same effect.Next time you get one of those "Sounds of the Summer" free CD's in your Sunday paper you know what to do with it.
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