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we live in dept 24, in the north not far from the Charente border. Whilst walking yesterday early evening we saw what looked like a very large otter. It wasn't a coypu, it had a long tail which tapered towards the end, the size in total was about half a meter long. It moved in a cumbersome way across the track in front of us into the shelter of the woods.  Of course we didn't have a camera with us! It seems otters are only in the Massif Central and the Atlantic coast, so what was it?

any ideas appreciated!


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According to a French wildlife book we've got, otters are sometimes found outside the areas you mention - Charente anyway, though not particularly in 24. Even so, the distribution map I have is 1995 so they could have extended their area in the last 12 years. If it looked like an otter... perhaps it was. [:D]

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I went canoeing on a sidestream of the Charente at Bourg Charente last thursday.

I got within 15 metres of an otter before it swam to the bank and disappeared.

It didn't seem peturbed by my presence.

I think its fair to say that I was the one most suprised by the encounter!

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