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The little English mouse


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I have dragged this from another posting  ( How to get rid of mice ) as I think it is an unusual story;

 J.R. wrote:


My previous mouse was living in my laid up Lotus Elan and had managed to shred two entire Sunday newspapers left in the footwells to soak up the water ingress and carry all the bits to make its nest in the boot, I once caught it in the boot and was impressed by its ability to speedily escape by squeezing through a tiny hole that he had chewed.

We soon came to tolerate one and other and when I moved the car to France he was illegally imported with it, the car is now stored at a friends restoration workshop and the mouse has decided that classic Panhards are more to his taste than Loti, interestingly he still likes shredding paper but has not yet started on the Panhards upholstery, the guard cat seems for the first time to be inutile, perhaps it doesnt understand English or is frightened of foreign rodents.

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