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Crazy birdies


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Since November I have seen literally clouds of birds flying back and forth, it's all they do. We live close to the border with Spain. OH says they are working out where to go for the winter. I know birds migrate but why this behaviour?. They just fly in huge swarms backwards and forwards. There must be some explanation for this. Can any bird lovers (of the feathered variety) please clarify?.
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A bit more info would be useful, for example what type of bird? Or if you don't know the type of bird some idea of what size they are and at what time of day, where do they land etc.

By way of a partial answer, quite a number of different bird species form groups in winter, finches, starlings, pigeons, crows, linnets, skylarks, white and pied wagtails to name but a few. None of these are necessarily going anywhere, they just spend the winter in groups.


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