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Hedgehogs again!!


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Hi everyone

I think this is probably one for Chris, but advice form all forum members greatly received!!  I think with the upturn in the weather, (very warm, fruit trees in blossom and birds nesting)  our two hedghehogs that have been sound asleep in their 'hedgehog house' (built to exacting standards!!!) have woken up!  I have seen signs of their 'poop' in the garden but haven't looked inside the house, in case the poop isn't theirs[:P].  My question is, as its too early for them to have woken up and there isn't a great deal of 'natural' food for them, should I feed them dog food or catfood??  Do I need to put water etc. out for them or leave them to do what hedgehogs do. Any advice greatly received[:D]

Thanks in advance


ps they are called Harry n Harriette!

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I'm more than a little surprised that no one has responded to your question about Harry n Harriette!

Anyway I don't think you should be over concerned, Hedgehogs have been out and about all winter when temperatures have permitted and if your garden is half good there should be shed loads of food available for them, slugs, snails, beetles and other insects. If you want to put some food down, go ahead, but you may find it being eaten by all manner of other creatures.


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Hi Chris pp

Many thanks for your reply, I tried a small amount of dog food the other night and only a little was taken, so I will as you say, leave them to forage for themselves!


Excellent clip I might try it !!


Many thanks to you both[:D]


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Just hi-jacking this thread a little - my wife was tidying up a border yesterday and in clearing away dead leaves she found a white spikey thing nestling under a shrub. So, she poked it a little and it contracted like hedgehogs do. It wasn't actually white but ivory, as if made of white milk chocolate - we didn't disturb it further so I don't know the colour of it's eyes but I suspect they were black and not red as it probably wasn't an albino. Anyway, we covered it back up with leaves and left it a handful of cat biscuits, which we know they love so long as they can get there before a) the cats and b) the ants - having frequently spent ages watching ants carrying cat biscuit booty back to their nest.

Has anyone else seen a white one?

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