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Birds, Orchids and Nature days out.

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As part of our role as an Association we will be organising field trips / days out and the first batch of these are now fixed.

Also from Sunday 20th April we will be "open" every Sunday for visitors at Un Autre Monde, Blanzay, 86400 and it would be really good to see some of you if you are interested. If it helps give an idea of where we are, we are about 3km from la Vallée des Singes.

You can visit this link on Planetepassion for more information.



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Cheers Michael and let me say here and now that it would be a pleasure to get together with you some time, I could do with some of your expertise. Wildlife is always fun and interesting for me, always something new to discover and learn every day and getting together with other people has to be the best way to do that.

Good luck, Chris

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