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Bluebells in France


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La jacinthe des bois est une plante de demi-ombre préférant les sols légèrement acides et profonds limono-sableux.

Elle appécie les chênaies-hêtraies et les haies. Fagetalia, Quercetalia robori-petreae.

Elle vit dans le milieu atlantique (Nord-Ouest de la France par exemple) où elle est commune. Elle est absente ailleurs.

Hyacinthoides non-scripta est une espèce protégée dans certaines régions de France (Limousin, Centre, Lot-et-Garonne…). Par conséquent, la cueillette est à faire avec précaution dans ces régions.

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I have loads of the things and keep trying to uproot them as they seem to choke anything else nearby. I even tried weed killer but I ended up with beautiful "white" bluebells. The other thing I have in abundance is primroses (well I think they are), but not as I know primroses from my native Northern Ireland. These have clusters of tiny yellow flowers and grow to about 8 inches high very strange... Still I suppose all these lovely wild flowers are better than dandelions!! There again, according to the top chefs, dandelion leaves are a must in a mixed green salad these days, maybe I could make some money!!
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I only noticed them this year for the first time (after 6 years [:$] ) but there are some around our Monument aux Morts, some in a front garden up the road from me and more long the stream that runs out of the water source (lavoir).

I love to see a woodland full of bluebells, so beautiful.  I must try and source some bulbs to put in our garden.

EDIT:  Nell, I just noticed you are in the same region - maybe I could take some of your unwanted ones [I]

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Thanks Hoddy - they are cowslips (still part of the primrose family). By the way it is Nell (female) not Neil (male). Still I am sure I have been called worse!!!

Lisleoise - sorry but the bulbs I pulled up are long gone, but I am sure next spring there will be lots more. If I take any more out I will contact you

Roll on Summer........

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