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I'm putting the same text on various sites.

Right, this ones easy, anyone can do it all you need is a very basic understanding of French, like wot I got. oh, and a tiny bit of effort.

It's about butterflies and helping with the National recording for the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, the body that manage all species recording in France.

Now, as I said this is really easy, no great expertise involved as it's really just the 28 most common species - easy to identify and anyway there is a PDF you can download with photos and names. If you really feel up to it there are another 18 species that you can add to your observations.

Everything is on-line, to actually send your monthly records you will need to resister and "log in", bit like this forum..

Have a look around the site and see for yourself, it's a piece of cake and it all helps, really, really helps.


Comments, Questions?


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There ar some lovely photos on that site Chris! We will have a look at it properly in the light of day soto speak. i.e. when not so tired.

I was helping a fiend with his peniche on the Canal du Midi early this week and I say probably more Brimstone Yellows than I have seen for years. Literally a dozen or more in an hour. I was so surprised and pleased. He didn't know what they were in French? What a lovely sight.

Thank you for the card. I had meant to say that earlier!!!

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Well John, looks like you are the only person interested.[;-)] It really is so easy to do and so useful in providing the status of even the commonest species.

Fench / Latin / English if it helps.

Lycènes bleus , Polyommatus icarus , Common Blue

Aurores , Anthocharis cardamines, Orange-tip

Demi-deuils , Melanargia galathea, Marbled White

Gazé, Aporia crataegi, Black-veined White

Piérides blanches , Pieris rapae, Small White

Citrons , Gonepteryx rhamni, Brimstone

Flambés , Iphiclides podalirius, Scarce swallowtail

Machaons , Papilio machaon, Swallowtail

Cuivré, Lycaena phlaeas, Small Copper

Hespérides orangées , Thymelicus sylvestris, Small Skipper

Procris, Coenonympha pamphilus, Small Heath

Amaryllis , Pyronia tithonus, Gatekeeper

Belle-dame, Vanessa cardui, Painted Lady

Petites tortues , Aglais urticae, Small Tortoiseshell

Robert-le-diable , Polygonia c-album, Comma

Souci, Colias croceus, Clouded Yellow

Tabac d’Espagne, Argynnis paphia, Silver-washed Fritillary

Paon du jour, Inachis io, Peacock

Vulcain, Vanessa atalanta, Red admiral

Argus verts , Callophrys rubi, Green Hairstreak

Brun des pélargoniums, Cacyreus marshalli, Geranium bronze

Hespérides tachetées, Pyrgus malvae, Grizzled Skipper

Mégères , Lasiommata megera, Wall brown or Wall

Moro-sphinx, Macroglossum stellatarum, Hummingbird Hawk-moth

Myrtil, Maniola jurtina, Meadow Brown

Tircis, Pararge aegeria, Speckled Wood

Sylvains , Limenitis reducta, Southern White Admiral

Silène, Brintesia circe, Great banded grayling


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All I can say Dun-d is that "COME ON YOU LOT"! It's going to get better from now on and the pappions are going to appear and are appearing!!

My desktop wallpaper up till I changed my laptop was a lovely chalk blue. What a beautiful little machine!! It may well come back soon??

Hi Chris, I thought that my subtle approach may stir something up??[;-)][:D]

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Blimey Michael, I glad that I don't live where you are. It's a bit windy here, situation normal, but sunshine and lots of holiday makers on the Canal du Midi in the Tupperware tubs (plastic hire boats).

Probably a bit cold still for the pappillons though?

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Hello Chris,  great idea with the recording of butterflies. We are moving to France in 2 weeks, 04 region, near Dignes les Baines, where there is a fantastic butterfly garden, lots of species and dedicated butterfly people. We will go to see them and offer our services and hopefully have some involvement with photos, conservation etc. We have been taking photos of butterflies for a couple of years now and have quite an extensive album, some we haven't been able to identify yet. I was in the Gorge du Trevan last week and found some small blues, whites and loads of orange tips. Also, found a few trails of catterpillars about 1/2 metre long ambling up the path.  Never seen that before.  Looking forward to the summer.
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