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This concerns a very small area, ie NW Gers, along the Save valley, but there may be similar exercises in other areas.

Many country houses and farms have "mares" which have been used for agricultural purposes in the past and are now neglected, or being filled in.

ADASEA in partnership with assoc. Nature Midi Pyrenees, and various other bodies,are starting to carry out a programme of review of these mares. Anyone who owns one can have an individual visit for advice on how to improve it. 

Contact number is ADASEA du Gers 05 62 61 79 50 .There are public meetings at Saramon and Simorre at the end of the month.

I have a list of the communes covered if you want to ask by pm.


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Sounds good and thanks for the info.

I will add here that although we have a similar scheme in place for communal mares in south Vienne including "restoration" there is at present for private owners although I will be happy to perform this function in south Vienne on behalf of Vienne Nature.


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