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Ownership type?


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Hello All,

I wonder if any readers can give us a nudge in the right direction with regard to the type of ownership that would suit our particular situation. No doubt we will end up in the hands of solicitors but at least we hope to show that we know something (and keep the costs down accordingly!).

My sister and I plan to purchase a French property 50/50, I will be resident whereas she will continue to live in the UK

Neither of us have been married nor plan to do so. Neither of us have any children nor plan to do so.

Our parents are dead, and we have no other siblings. 

Upon one of our deaths, we would want full ownership to go to the other.

All of the types of ownership appear to have their (dis)advantages, joint ownership, En Indivision, En Tontine, company (SIC) ownership etc. We have read page after page on the subject but (as usual) the example cases used do not exactly reflect our circumstances.

Any comments or experiences from the forum would be much appreciated.






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Contact a Notaire, not a Solicitor. Explain exactly what you require. Usually this advice will be free.

If your French isn't very good you will be able to find one who speaks English.

Do not try to deal with this on the advice you receive from well-meaning people (including me [:)]) who post on Internet boards.

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