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Wild birds

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We've been supplying fat balls and seeds all winter and I have been puzzled at the high number of tits (mésanges) there are.

Great tits and blue tits have been around in large numbers, with the occasional coal tit.

With the warmer weather, there are now numerous swallows (hirondelles), wagtails (bergeronnettes) around as well as what I think are yellowhammers (bruants jaunes) , which always fly around in a group of 6 or 8 birds...

There are some good pictures on this site: http://www.oiseaux-nature.com/photos_perso.html

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I've been very impressed with the wild birds I've seen during my month of being here. I saw a pied flycatcher this morning for the first time! And about two weeks ago I saw my first barn owl flying into the hanger barn and perching on a rafter before flying off over the pond. It was one of the most magnificent things I've ever seen. It was beautiful beyond belief. There are redstarts (or black redstarts) nesting in a little hole in the barn wall, and there have been buzzards, jays and hoopoes in the area too. It makes a change from seeing robins and house sparrows!

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We have had a cheeky little perisher over the past few days. It appears at just after 6 pm and checks around all of the windows and under the flower pots. I have managed to get to within a couple of feet of it.




What an incredible little bird! I also have some lovely video of it. We used to break our necks looking for Hoophoos when we were holidaying here and now they come to us, almost!!

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