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Not sure if this the right section for this post but here goes. Has anyone had experience of using those sonic anti pest machines - supposed to emit a high frequency sound to make rats, mice, loirs go elsewhere. I would sooner do that than use poison because of its effect on other wildlife. My question is: are they any good, do they actually work?


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[quote user="bixy"]WJT please explain. What model, where was it, what did it get rid of. Thanks


Hi Patrick, when we had some builders in they left some gaps open so on our return we had a big problem with mice. I first used the humane traps and caught about five mice and relocated them. I then used one of the sonic deterrents that I bought on French ebay and it worked a treat.

There are two different types. The most effective works two ways, the first by sending out a high pitch signal that mice, rats and other small mammals don't like but it also sends a regular pulse through the wiring of the house that also repels them. These are meant to work much better than the ones that just send the signal. We have had no problems and no mice or Loire since using. I must admit I am not using it at the moment because they are no longer here, but it is at the ready when needed. [:)]

By the way, we also had a stone martin living in our loft and I scattered the old fashioned smelly moth balls around up there and it left and never returned. Just thought I would mention that because it is defiantly worth doing as well if this is a problem. I would assume it would work with other animals living in a loft as well as stone and pine martins.

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