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Tchernobyl - "Paradis Trompeur"

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There's a programme on Arte about the deserted area around Tchernobyl which has been taken over by wildlife and domestic animals who have now also become wild, living in and around the empty houses and villages and in the dense vegetation.

I missed it last week, but it's on again tomorrow at 16.50.  Has anyone seen it? 

"Paradis Trompeur"


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I caught a bit of it or maybe another program on the same subject before, I will try to stop work in time to watch it thanks.

did you see the programme yesterday on the history of french nuclear testing on the muratorea atoll and the sinking of the rainbow warrior?

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Well, I didn't forget.  But great dumb blond deception and frustration, I couldn't get Arte!   [:'(]

Our roof antenne wasn't working properly so I recently bought a small one which it says on the box receives TF1, France2, France3, Arte, Canal + and M6.
Can't find Arte, but we get France 5 which is not mentioned on the box.   [:-))]

Hope you watched it JR.   It must have been very interesting.  Going back outside now to work off the frustration.   [6]

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