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I'm getting my hen house and run ready for 6 POL hens.  I used to keep hens years ago and now can't wait to have some more - they are so comical and the eggs are fantastic.

I remember giving them layers mash or pellets and grit - am I forgetting anything else (apart from water and fresh greens) - is there something medicinal I should give them now and again to rid of worms, infections etc?

After reading other posts I have decided to totally enclose the run as we have buzzards. kestrels etc overhead and hadn't thought about bird of prey attacks... until now.

Any advice welcome.

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Other than the layers pellets and grit (crushed oyster shell) I would just worm them twice a year - I use Flubenvet as there's no egg withdrawal period, available from the UK on the net.

There is an excellent forum that already has quite a few French members that you will find very useful  http://forums.thepoultrykeeper.co.uk/

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Remenber to use straw or shredded paper in the nest box , not hay , as hay can carry red spider mite , which if not treated can kill them and once you have it , its nearly impossible to get rid of. You can buy a good hutch wash to clean the hut down with every few weeks to help keep it away.  
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