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goldcrest, I think


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To me that looks more like a young blue tit - could it be? It looks as though it is still getting it's feathers, which would make it a very late hatching, although perhaps with the good weather we've had the parents had another brood. As far as I know Goldcrests do not have any blue on them, but I'm no expert.

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Definitely a Goldcrest.   (I suspect that the “blue” is the grey of the under feathers and it’s just how the camera has dealt with it)  Funnily enough, just been watching at least one in the garden.  As it’s migration time there’ll be a few “unusual” birds in gardens at the moment.  Don’t forget to keep those feeders full.

Birds that fly into windows are often “dazed” for a while afterwards, so it’s always worth assuming that they are alive.  We’ve had some little guys take up to 10 minutes to revive.  It's sometimes worth popping them in a shoe box, suitably lined and ventilated, but dark, until they come around.

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The one shown above is definately a goldcrest and a fair bit smaller than a bluetit.

Not quite a goldcrest, but very close.. This one flew into our window too. Big window 5 X 2.2 meters and we have a fair number of 'hits' unfortunately!


The goldcrest is the smallest Eurorean bird. The firecrest is the next up, about 1/4 inch bigger and they weigh about 1/2 of nothing too. The main difference is the bright yellow crest on the gloldy...

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[quote user="chris pp"]

Sorry, only trying to be helpful......

.......should have known better.[:D][;-)]




I should think so too. Since when have you tried to be helpful? All those chemicals you throw about!![Www][Www]

Keep up the good work mate!!!!!!

Blimey me awd Saus! That looks like a real punk goldie don't it? They are beautiful little things aren't they. I always wonder how something so tiny, light and delicate can be so tough as to live through the winters and traveling thatthey do?

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To follow up on this, we spent about 15 minutes this evening watching not only a Goldcrest, but also a pair of Firecrests.  They arrived in the cherry tree near the patio and eventually came to within two feet of us as we stood watching.    Back in England we knew both species to be fairly “tame”, but haven’t seen them quiet so close since being here.   Alas, no camera to hand, of course!  I’m guessing they are en-route south, but at leas one Goldcrest has been here for a week now.
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