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Process for appealing a declined CU


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Hello Again


Further to my previous posting - I now have the official refusal letter from the Marie for the decline of our CU application.

We have a two story water tight barn in the garden of our existing holiday home that we want to convert into another holiday home.  It has been refused by the C.d.C at the D.D.E.

It does not appear to be in a marked flood zone, but has flooded in 2001 as there are two merging rivers nearby and they have over spilled and flowed down the main road, the water running down our drive and flooding our existng house's basement.  (Not the barn).  The D.D.E did a survey on the area's hydraulics.  Neighbours and the previous owners all inputted comments regarding the previous flood. 

For this reason it has been declined.

However, we think that we have some options here:

1. Put some form of wall / barrier around the land to prevent the water getting in from the main road

2. Dig a sort of moat system (like a French drain then!)

3. Raise the floor in the barn - so you step up to the main door, similar to collumbage houses

4. Convert the top floor and put a mezzanine in the bottom floor (i.e. off the ground)

5. Convert the top floor only - into smaller accommodation. (The total barn size is 170 m square)


Hence, our wish to appeal (Within the next 2 months). 

For the appeal we thought of seeing the DDE / Marie in person.  But then did not know whether to involve a Notaire or Architect for the tribunal.

Please can somebody give us some advice?

Has anybody out there won a tribunal for the refusal of a CU?

Does anybody know of a good architect or Notaire in the Calvados / Eure areas?

Does anybody know of a reliable online/email translation service?

Many thanks


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