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last night when going to bed I thought I heard frogs croaking ,but could have been the wine ,but this morning heard them again so did the wife .Its only january and bloody cold ,pond is semi frozen over .are we due a fantastic spring ,or is it a sign,[6]

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[quote user="jondeau"]

When the cry of the frog pierces the fog

on a freezing cold winters night,

Then you can be sure that next summers weather

will be nice and sunny and bright

William Shakespeare (sonnets)  [/quote]

When the nights are too cold

and the Frog's getting old,

and the call of the female just woke it;

then the sound that you hear

that resounds far and near

is the Grenouille - ready to croak it.

Me..... Today 

On a serious note though, this link explains why Frogs calling early in the year are linked to Global Warming.... 






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