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advice on what to do with a thrush


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I came downstairs this am to find feathers everywhere, the cats had a picnic. Fortunatley it hadn't managed to kill the beautiful thrush. I found it later sitting in a bowl in the kitchen. When i thought it looked a little more relaxed I took it outside and chucked it in the air for it to fly away, alas, it just dropped with a thump. At the moment its looking very unhappy in a cage,for protection from cats. I can't see any damage to its flight wings though is very bald in the wing area. It doesn't want to move though. It took some water from me, and I will go and get some "fishing maggots" to try and feed it;It is such a beautiful bird, I want to do what I can for it. Any ideas please?
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Sorry Mooky

from my own experience unless you get the bird pretty much as soon as a cat has first caught it there is little hope - as you sadly found out.   Shock, puncture wounds, broken bones and flight feathers damaged all take their toll, but I think shock is probably the killer.

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