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I was out in our field yesterday, letting our kitten have a run around, when I was shocked to find what I thought was a dead cat lying on top of our compost heap.  There are quite a few strays around and I thought one of them might have expired for some reason.

On closer inspection the animal was the size of a small or malnourished cat,  looked a ruddy tabby colour and was not badly decayed so had not been there long.  Something had also defecated on top of it but there were no obvious signs of injury!  One thing that looked strange was that its ears were smaller and rounder. 

I decided to give it a decent burial but when I started to lift it it was obvious when I saw its head that it was actually a stoat/weasel.

It could not have been the cold of a few weeks ago that killed it as it was not badly decayed.  What else could have killed it - assuming it did not just decide to die of old age in that spot which is hundreds of metres away from any road (and where incidentally he had a snake during the summer which may still be there hibernating).  A few weeks ago, a few feet away, I also found the 'remains' of a pigeon/dove.  All that was left were the feathers and digestive tract.

Is there a killer on the loose?

Mr Cat


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Thanks Hoddy.  I checked the images on Google and it looked similar although this one did not have the white chest - more a rusty brown.  Could have been a bird of prey.  We have plenty of kites and buse around but I'm not sure a bird of prey could reduce a pigeon to just feathers.

Fouines sound pretty fierce even killing cats?

Mr Cat

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Weasels have to eat at least once a day or they starve to death. This is the most common reason for finding a weasel simply dead somewhere without any signs of an injury.

Pile of pigeon feathers is quite possibly the remains of a Goshawks snack.[:D]


Photo Weasel. Planete Passion.


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