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Hi Folks.We have some wonderfull hawks around but I cant identify them from my bird book.they have very narrow sickle shaped wings and quite a lonf tail.They hover similar to kestrels but are much larger.brown with beige.fawn colour striations but as they fly at a rate of knots,especially on a swoop,cant see them in my bino,s.Hope someone can point me in the right direction-for identification that is!!!! Maude

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Siuckle shaped wings and long tail suggests red kite, but your colour description does not fit.

Hovering like a kestrel would normally mean short toed eagle, but it sounds a bit early in the year yet (but maybe not in the Vendee) and the wing shape and tail are all wrong - but the colours are rightish.


Sorry cannot do much better than that.

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Really big kestrels, don't know any other raptor that hovers like a kestrel.

Hen harriers are similar colour but don't really swoop cos they quarter the ground  a few feet above and tend to ' drop' onto their prey.

Eagles tend to soar rather than hover, to the best of my knowledge, so would rule that out.

Sickle shaped wings remind me of a Peregrine falcon, colour may be juvenile from last year due to change, and speed of stoop makes me think along these lines.

Apart from these thoughts..................big swift in drag [:D]

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Its a big swift - with attitude of course [:D]

Its always a thrill to watch the buzzards around here.   Occasionally we also see Red Kites but there are many kestrels sitting on telephone wires at present.  We have also seen a hare in the next field most evenings this past week.    Wonderful!

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