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Mossie larvae

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We have a small water feature in the garden, about 3' X 18 " X 10" deep. It has a solar pump circulating the water through a decroative flower pot laid on its side. After a few days we keep on getting mossie larvae wriggling about in it. I have tried a couple of drops of citronella oil to deter the femails laying in it and have put a few drops of washing up liquid in to try to break the miniscus on the water, but the only sure way has been to empty it, wash it out and refill as soon as the little sods are seen which is a real bind!

Not too much of a problem for me 'cause I have found that when they start their flying career they only go for bad meat and leave me alone, but I get all sorts of hell from the OH [:-))]

If anyone has any ideas I would be internally (?) grate-full![:D]

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