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It doesnt look very engorged Ernie, are you sure that it is a leech?

I am assuming that it took a bite out of you, if the blood continued to flow flow without cease then it will have been a leech as they inject an anti-coagulant.

I never thought that I would one day find myself missing those little blighters [:)]

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That's a caterpillar. I've had plenty of leeches on me in the tropics,many at one time ( lots of blood, argh!)

I have seen those large water leeches in our millstream which presumably attach themselves to water life. they were feeding on a dead ragondin - it was like something from a horror film .I wouldn't like to get one on me ,they were about 6 inches long. I think they're called horse leeches?

Yours grosseley

W Rat

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