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Abundance of common tree frogs


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This year we have seen an enourmous amount of common tree frogs around our house. They have been becoming more frequent for the last two years but this year they have exploded. During the day they sleep on shutters and window frames, and we could frequently count 20 of them in a fairly small patio area outside the kitchen. They seem to take great advantage of the insects around the lights, scooping up everything that moves. They have been jumping on us as we sit outside in the evening, and even jumping on to wine glasses and plates!

We are wondering what happens next? What is the normal predation given that these frogs spend most of their time off the ground.

Also, Chris you might be able to answer, these are definitely common tree frogs and not the stripeless variety, but on your map it suggests the Gers is not normally frequented.

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Chris, are they both stripeless? The stripe on the common tree frog seems to extend further down the body than both these two, although one certainly seems to have something. I have some video capture which I am sure shows some of the frogs with stripes extending down the whole body. The pictures were taken almost 2 years apart (top one in 2007).

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I had a surprise last evening when I put our floating safety cover back on our pool. A common tree frog dropped off of the roller when the last lamme wound off the roller. It had found a nice safe little niche for its self there. Delightfull little perishers until they start shouting at each other from either end of the pool at 4 in the morning!
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We seemed to have an explosion of them this year. At any one time I think we could have walked round the patio and immediate area and seen maybe 40 or 50. They loved hunting around the lights, but also loved the tap that the hose was attached to where there was plenty of cover and moisture. They hibernate in the double glazed doors in the gully that runs between the top of the door and the frame.

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