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Hopping flies

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Could anyone please identify the rather large fly-like creatures which I have begun to find in the house? They are large, black and appear to be flattish in shape. Their legs stick out sideways in a pronounced fashion and they have wings. I have not seen them fly however; they hop as if on springs when I approach them. I have not seen them before this year and only come upon them as single creatures when I enter a room at night or in the morning and snap on the light. They are about 1 cm in width and about half that from floor to the tops of their backs. They are matt black with no shiny bits on them and are soundless as far as I know.

Are they harmless? What are they please?

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That's it! Sorry, I got very busy and also I couldn't catch one; they are very quick. However my husband caught one under a glass and we were able to get a good look. Not seen them before. Good to know what they are and that they are harmless. Many thanks Sid and Clair.
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