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Anyone good on flies?


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We're getting quite a few of these flies in the house at the moment (10-20 per day).

They're quite small (2-3 mm) and pretty torpid.

They look a bit like a fruit fly and they have a characteristic 'bump' on the rear of the abdomen. They hold their wings 'out' from their body. I'd quite like to know what they are.

Any clues?


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I have been a little reluctant to mention this myself for fear of people thinking I don't clean.  Actually I don't very often but I don't think it's the cause.

I also have had trouble with the blighters, normally an hour or so after I have lit my woodburner.  During the day I just keep the CH ticking over before lighting the LB at about 5pm.  At one time my window sills would have quite a collection of them every day now they have practically all gone.

My own theory was that they entered the house during the summer, laid the eggs which then hatched out when the room got really hot from the logburner.  When the problem persisted after an initial flurry of activity during which time I sprayed the places where I thought they might be coming from I thought that perhaps they were coming from the logs themselves. Now I keep the logs outside the back door and only bring a couple of logs in at a time.

Luckily the flies kept into the sitting room despite all the ground floor doors being left open (both of them[:)]) and they were only interested in flying around the light or the windows.

Best of luck!

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I've not discovered their make - but I now know where they're coming from.

The mystery was that they always appeared on the ceiling of the kitchen area - and because they're so moribund, they've shown a tendency to spontaneously drop dead - with the disgusting possibility of landing in the Coq au Vin.

However - I've noticed a bit of ceiling falling away in the corner, and this morning I actually saw them creeping out of the crack. Above the ceiling is our Solarium and its drain lies above this corner. It's always getting blocked with leaves etc., so I guess its a nice damp area for these thingies to breed and some are making their way to the warmth/light. So I'm hoping that a spot of Polyfilla + sealant will do the trick.

Ta anyway.

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Only from my own experiences, if you find more dead flies than live ones I think they will be Cluster Flies.

You need to block up their point of entry and spray everyday in the Spring to stop the "Life Cycle" of eggs etc

Google Cluster Flies for advice on killing them. They do seem persistence little so and so's

Its no reflection on anyones cleaning habits. They just decide to settle there

Best of luck.


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When the man came to look at the hayloft to do the traitement des bois, he mentioned a product for spraying in spring and autumn which is fine for spraying on walls and furniture etc, which lasts till the next time against cluster flies. He didn't mention the name of the product but suggested it was the only effective method - has anyone used a good product - we had a big problem last year. pb

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Turn the problem into art.

Bored at work?

Kill a few flies. Put them in the sun to dry for one hour. Once they are dry, pick up a pencil and paper... Let your  imagination flow.

Makes me wonder, though: where does someone work that there are these many flies? Could be a sewer plant. McDonalds??? I wonder if they are hiring?

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