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I recently have noticed that a specific type of spider has been coming into my house - uninvited. The description is as follows:

- super long thick legs with hair - the legs are the most noticeable part of the spider

- a body the size of a thumbnail

- by far the largest spider I've seen indoors in my life (about the size of a coaster)

Any ideas of what it is? I've seen 3 of them which makes me believe there are more. I live in department 24 in the country.

Any help is appreciated.


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That's a nice one pachapapa. What do you feed him on?

As regards Belles needs, they don't come in here apparently, as I havent seen any, but next time one does pop by I'll ask his or her name; I always fancy Priscilla for a spider somehow or Herbert for a boy. I can't use Ron as me ferret is called that.

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I was feeling sick and having palpitations just reading the thread so you can imagine what the photo did......and as for seeing one in the house! I don't mind them so much if they stay outside and I don't really understand the fear of them. I'm certainly not brave enough to get that close
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This is a very common phobia. I used to have a fear of spiders - still have a bit, for the large ones!

I forced myself to make a collection, in match boxes, and saw how beautifully they're made.

 But the best thing about them is that they catch nasties like flies and mosquitoes, in their webs, so I do appreciate their role in the balance of nature now.

I've seen 2 large ones in our house recently, and wondered if they've come in because of the extreme dryness and heat we've had for the last few weeks.

To move them out of the way, get a container, about 15cms diameter, and a piece of card, bigger than this. Place the container on top of the spider, slide the card across the opening, then take the creature outside and let it go free.

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we do relocate any that come into the house (well not me personally I won't get that close!) and I wouldn't hurt them, they are fascinating and I know it's a totally irrational fear, my husband used to pick them up and put them outside until one bit him!! so maybe not so irrational
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