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Found a Stripeless Tree Frog Today


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At midday it was sitting on the edge of a waterbut and then jumped onto the wall and is now sitting on the window pane so I can see its underside.

This is the first I have seen in six years here in 24.

A very beautiful elegant frog.

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There is a point to all this.

Before we came down here, wildlife of all the creepy-crawly, flying (as in bats etc), slithering (as in snakes), etc, etc, was a complete anathema.  I wasn't keen: OH would have run a mile.

Now?  Neither of us bats (sorry) an eyelid.  "Oh, there's a frog in that flower pot".  "There was a grass snake just heading for the bedroom, but I encouraged him the other way".  Just two recent quotes from OH. 

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I'd been hearing an odd, vaguely electronic sound, in the garden for a while but couldn't trace it. In weeding some strawberry plants a bright green frog, exactly like your photo, jumped out and scuttled across to another part of the garden. Now that sound is coming from there.

I've googled "Tree Frog Sounds" and got some audio, sounds exactly like my little critter.

Never heard nor seen one before but glad to have one in the garden. And, my goodness, they are really BRIGHT green, a very intense green. Lovely to see.
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