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Another bird ID please.

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Saw a different bird on a fat ball in the woods today, any ideas please.

Definately a member of the tit family, smaller than a great tit, but similar colours, with a white patch on the back of its head.

Regards, the boy.
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I find these two web pages excellent for identifying, and then finding the french name of, birds that visit our garden.

The first http://www.rspb.org.uk/wildlife/birdidentifier/form.aspx narrows down the possibilities, by colour, size, beak type etc, then offers a selection of likely suspects, allowing you to make a visual selection, identify the bird, and find the the latin name.

Using the latin name, you can then scroll through this list http://www.oiseaux.net/aves/france.html , which will give the french name, info, photos and often a birdsong soundfile.


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Good sites.

We reckon that we've got Moussier's Redstarts down here: they're (according to my very old 70's book) indigenous to N Africa, but we can't find another image that fits. If anybody has got one, that would help. 

I'll try to get a pic and post over the next few days.

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[quote user="Cat"]

Moussier's Redstart (rougequeue de Moussier) do live and breed in France...





Sorry, Cat, a nice thought; but no.  As it says in the very first link you give:

"On peut observer cet oiseau exclusivement en Afrique du Nord."

Only 2 species of Redstart (Common and Black) occur in France.  You can check the official bird list of the Commission de l’Avifaune Française here:




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