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Hydraulic fracturing is not good for France

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I’m so glad that French government is so concerned about the ecology so it is going to ban a method for extracting oil and gas deposits from shale because of environmental concerns. In fact this method is fraught with danger since it requires use of hydraulic fracturing, what is "not something we want to use in France" like our environment minister Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet said. She is right, why should we use that dangerous method if we had a lot of other gas sources? I believe that extraction of shale gas as dangerous as use of A-plants and what we are going to do if some of our basins will be poisoned by chemicals from these explosions? It will be too late to do something and instead of gas we will have some additional ecological problems. As for me it’s better to import gas than to expose the environment...

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I cant see any great danger from a Rock Mechannics and Strata Control point of view. I also couldn't give a "bonobos coitus" as to what "what's-her-name" says.

France denying herself cheap energy is not my concern but "whats-her-name" decision is about as rational as our dear Angela pulling the plug on nuclear plants.

If it makes you glad that's good enough for me.[:)]

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There was a film made about the problem of fracking made in the US needless to say the big businesses weren't too happy about it.




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