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help very confused


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I hope that there is someone out there who can help. I am planing to move to france with my two children in august where my sister has offered us a home living with her . My husband will continue to live and work in england until retirement in four years time. I am receiving long term Inncapacity benefit in England I have a number of questions and after spending a number of hours on phones to many goverment departments I still don't have any answers,so here goes; (although we will be self sufficient we will not be paying any bills directly so does this affect our `carte de jour` application

1. does my husband have to pay tax in England or France

2. what do I have to do about health insurance ?  are we entitled to enter healthcare system on back of inncapacity benefit status?

3.although we will be self sufficient we will not be paying any bills directly so does this affect our `carte de sejour` application as the house is owned by my sister and her husband.

I will be really grateful if anyone could answer any of the above.

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1.  If he works in the UK, he pays tax in the UK, wherever he lives.  However, if a French resident, he must still fill in a French tax form as some charges will still be payable (but not scary ones! - only social charges on "unearned" income such as that  derived from investments/building society interest etc). 

2.  You are entitled to an E121 on the basis of your ICB.  What is more, you qualify for an E109 as the dependents of a person working in the UK but whose family lives in France, as do your children if they are under - 18 I think, but somebody will know for sure.  Your husband will get a workers' E106 (Ernie Y knows all about those!) if he lives in France; he cannot piggy-back on to your E121 as he is not your dependent, since he works.  If he genuinely still lives in the UK, though, he can use his EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) when he visits you.

3.  As you will fill in a tax form which will reflect your husband's UK income, you should have no problem in fulfilling the residency requirements, provided he earns enough, and you have successfully been granted E form cover (which should not be a problem - see above.)

That's off the top of my head, but others will be along shortly to put me right and fill in the gaps, as many people do what you're proposing.[:)]


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Nothing mysterious about the 'workers' E106 Coops.

I live in France but work in UK paying full NI hence the 'workers' (somewhat mis-appropriately named in my own case I have to admit [;-)]) E106 issued by HMRC as against the standard E106 which is issued by the DWP and applicable to those no longer working.

If kimbo's OH is indeed both living and working in UK I don't think he'll personally qualify for an E form at all but in reality I'm sure he will be spending at least some time in France so the only way to find out if he does is to speak to HMRC.

Assuming OH has a complete NI record kimbo should qualify for an E109 although of course, if she is fully paid up herself, she will qualify in her own right initially.



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