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White Heron?


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The White Heron, or Great White Egret to use its common name, is primarily an eastern European bird, but the very cold spell that has struck at the eastern end of the Mediterranean and the whole of the Balkan region will make a lot of them move west. As was mentioned upthread there is a small population of Great White Egret in southern France and one in the valley of the Po in Italy, so this one is probably one of those. BTW what colour was the bill? If it's grey the bird is still in winter plumage, but if was yellow, the bird is moving into breeding plumage - it would be great if you could see two together!


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[quote user="Polremy"]Totally off topic but, every time I see that heading, I think it says White Heroin!!!!

Is it just me?[/quote]

Nope! me too!!

I started a thread I think on TF a while back about the same thing, I had never seen a heron sized bird completely white in these parts before (Vendee) a lot of replies suggested that it was an egret

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So sad. I found a dead heron in the reeds today. It was frozen so not sure how long it's been there ,but is in perfect condition apart from a chest wound. I called the local taxidermist to see if he wanted it , but it's illegal  to use protected species. I can understand that as it would create a demand, but it's such a shame it cannot be mounted. I'll just have to do a good painting of it.

W Rat

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Talking about birds, there were flights and flights and flights of cranes today, all heading north.

Strange thing is, only last month, there were one or two flocks heading south!

LOL, at this rate, the turnaround will be even faster than a Ryanair aeroplane?

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