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We have just built an arbri in

which to live over the summer until our house is ready. It is made of

'Douglas' wood. last night we had a visitation from a hornet. Nothing

aggressive but they do look formidable. Tonight we had two coming in as

the light was failing just before a storm. Should we do anything? Any

ideas how to repel these insects?


Gully-boy, ariege
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Agreed Andy.

The large (native) hornet doesn't appear to be aggressive at all unless disturbed. The ones we get seem to live in crannies in the stone walls. Look for images of the Asian hornet though, so that you can identify what you've got, as the Asian ones are much worse, and you don't want these latter ones to make nests in you abri or in trees in the garden.

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I always leave them be, but this year we had a v persistent one in the bedroom. One night it got hit by the ceiling fan and ended up in my hair(v curly ,btw) I managed to stay calm and put my head out the window until it had made it's way out. In the morning it was back and I noticed it was always heading for the same spot where I found the beginnings of a nest under a beam. .......She had to go,unfortunately the situation was too dangerous. Check out their behaviour and if there's a nest forming  then you'll have to kill them.
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