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Help Mice!!

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Hope this is the correct forum.

I have been renovating a stone house in rural Brittany for four years now. The last couple of years I have noticed lots of mice droppings and also the mice have started destroying the furniture.

I have laid traps and poison and also have a couple of plug in repellents.

Neither seem to be solving the problem.

They seem to live in the walls and the ceilings (newly laid plasterboard with insulation) I can hear them at night and have seen a couple during the day.

I am desperate now as my wife and daughter are coming over next month for the first time in a couple of years and they won't sleep if the mice are still there.

Can anyone recommend a good plug in repellent or any other deterrents?


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Considering we live opposite a farm, we get very few mice. We use just old standard traps -last bought from Bricomarche 2 for 1.70euros, bait them with chocolate spread and hey presto - dead mice.

Also, we used to have a lot of farm cats about which helped keep them down.


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