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Squirrels - in the right place this time

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Sorry - I was reading the instructions on how to post a picture under 'photography' and posted this there in error!

For the past two months or so we have been visited each morning by red

squirrels.  The first one arrived during a spell of cold weather and

tucked in to the sunflower seeds in the mix scattered under the bird

table for the ground-feeding birds.  He was quickly followed by another

and now some mornings we have five of them together - not actually as

nice as it sounds as they spend most of their time chasing each other

away rather than eating.  I have tried adding other nuts and seeds to

their feeding stations (now under two well separated trees, to prevent

squabbles and leave the birds in peace) but apart from very occasional

pine nuts which are far too expensive to be more than a treat, they seem

to prefer the sunflower seeds.  Any nuts in shells are immediately

taken away and secreted somewhere for a rainy day….and talking about

rainy days, if it is very wet then the biggest and boldest squirrel

simply climbs on to the bird table and eats his fill from the sunflower

seeds in the hopper!  

Does anyone know whether they are likely

to keep coming through the Spring or Summer months, and whether the

female is likely to bring her young with her before they become quite

independent?   I don't know very much about their behaviour and habits

through the year.  They are so pretty to watch and although not at all

tame they are becoming a little less inclined to rush off at the

slightest disturbance.  I will try to add a picture though this is my

first attempt at posting one, so here goes….


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