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Not really wildlife, except I was pretty wild about this!

Ten days or so, (last day in France) Mrs Gluey and I were picking fruit from what we laughingly call our orchard and I was bitten by summat. Not that I knew at the  time.....

Driving back to Blighty, in my usual fashion - right arm resting on the top of the door- it was pretty hot and sunny and my right arm started itching like mad.

It gradually swelled and discoloured...

Went to the quack first day I was back and it was diagnosed as a Horse Fly Bite. Huge doses of antibiotic over seven days (which does my old tum tum and lower bits no favours) and now almost normal again.

Not a good "Selfie": tricky to take a pic of your arm. Apparently the bad infection caused a massive bout of cellulitis. No fun...

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