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I have a dental crown, which is mounted on a peg that fits in to (what used to be) the root of one of my front teeth. Damn thing has always been a problem, as periodically the cement that holds it in cracks and it comes loose.

I need to go to the dentist. I've had a good one recommended to me, but he doesn't speak English. I've looked everywhere to find the French term for "crown", but I can't. Also, what words do I use to explain that the crown is loose? The dictionary is no help at all.

Any assistance gratefully received.

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Dont take this as a flippant remark,but surely when you get in the chair and open your mouth to point at the `crown` the dentist will know what the problem is .Perhaps pas fort(not strong) whilst showing him/her may assist.
I know of this problem well as the children kept loosening dads for him whilst playing..he eventually resorted to a titanium suport,a very painfull and expensive technique but very permanent.
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"Une couronne", it has the same range of definitions as in English, ie the queen also wears it on her head. I can't remember ever having been to the dentist (yet) in France but I guess he/she would use the verb "cracher" when telling you to spit in to the bowl? Or would it be "rincer"?

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