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French lessons available in Chateauroux (Dept 36) for 6 euros an hour


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I've been looking for French lessons since moving to Chateauroux and after a bit of research have found out that there are lessons available via the Centre de Formation CCI de l'Indre. They had an open day at the centre last Saturday so I went along and met one of the teachers there who is English and she explained to me the different options that are available. If they have enough people who are interested to start a group they will offer lessons for 6 euros an hour, which in my opinion seems very reasonable. Unfortunately it wouldn't be available for beginners but for those who would be considered intermediate level. There is a free test you can take to see what level you are. The group lessons could be during the day or evening depending on what would suit most people. I'd really be interested in doing this and am hoping by putting this post out that there may be more out there who would be interested too. The telephone number to ring if youre interested is: 02 54 53 52 01 and the contact names are Valerie Han-Li-Kuin or Claudia Beneforti (both French).

If there aren't enough people to form a group, the other option available is to enrol on a multimedia course run in their very nice, modern language lab. You have a choice of either 10 hours plus two with a tutor which costs 120 euros or 20 hours, three with a tutor for 180 euros.

The centre are going to ring me if they get a good response for the group lesson, so here's hoping
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