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Nice. I definitely think we on this forum need to share and discuss more information about how to improve French (resources, websites, books, CDs etc). It's a shame (but telling) how little the French forum is used compared to the others.

A couple of times I have even stumbled across evidence that a few people here keep quiet about really good French language resources they have found useful, why on earth I do not really understand.

Anyway, rant over. Back to the CDs, can I ask what you considered your level to start off was, how far you are through them, and what level you consider yourself at now? Why did you consider them so good?
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Intersting comments re M Thomas' cds. I have listened to them 4 times now, and most things are sticking in the old grey matter (old being the operative word - 59yrs). I found that if you follow the instructions ie you pause the cd after the question and work out your own answer, things stick a lot more.

In response to other comments, he is teaching you how to speak the language - he is NOT teaching how to say particular phrases, nor is he trying to teach how to to write it, although he does spell out some words. I first tried the BBC primer, which turned out to be a verbal phrase book, and only any good if you wanted to ask the way to the station or get a cup of tea! I found what I had learned from Michel very useful on my annual trip to Le Mans in June where I could ask my own (albeit simple) questions, and understand most of the answer. Obviously, in 8 hours, he is not able to teach the whole vocabulary nor all the grammer (tenses etc), but enough of a grounding on which to build.

Regarding the comment about it being better if there was more pressure, ie you were in the classroom with him, if you read the smallprint in the booklet with the CDs, it says that the (sometimes very long) gaps between the question and answer have been edited out, so I don't think there was that much pressure. However, I agree that any classroom environment is going to be more conducive to learning than sitting listening to cds, and I feel sure that M. Thomas can make more money out of the cds than he could sitting in a classroom!

I have just started the Language Builder, which does not use the students, and it is pretty fast and heavy going.

BTW, I am learning in preparation for a retirement to 16 next year.

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>Micheal Thomas Learn Franch Cds. excellent,
>8cds in all, tried loads
>of different cds and books,
>this is by far the
>best, recommended.

Isn't it odd that 'scoobydo' has never returned! One might even think that his post was an advert ...
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As I am visiting the country next month, I have - despite comments from other members - followed Scoobydo's recommendation and ordered the CD's.

I certainly need to improve my scant knowledge of the language so I will see how I fair with the package.
If it improves my knowledge then wonderful. If not, tough.
But there again, nothing ventured nothing gained!!!!

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