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Just came across this page about learning French.


Lots of the little things that come up as questions on here, like "ça y est" etc, and other itsy-bitsy pieces that French people use all the time, but you never see in literary French.  Words you're likely to hear on TV, expressions,  the difference between jamais and ne jamais - en bref, lots of Stuff!

Happy reading!

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Thankee kindlee ma'am, good site and extremely useful to have a peek at now and again.

It will come in useful to help understand what the "kids" are going on about, when often it sounds like "bits" of their mumblings are missing.

I thought I had missed "bits" but it now probably appears, they weren't even there in the first place !! 


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Brilliant site, SB, well done for finding it.  I'd been having sleepless nights over whether it was le or la NASDAQ so I was so every relieved to have that finally confirmed!

Incidentally, I have a French girlfriend who often starts her text messages to me with "Coucou, Margarette", has anyone else experienced this?  I couldn't find any reference to it beyond peak-a-boo.

Oh and can anyone give me some tips on how to pronounce "hein"?  Whenever I use it I sound as though I'm trying to throw up...



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Hello Margaret,

Coucou is quite common.  In order of formality, I'd put Bonjour first, then Salut, and then Coucou a few km further down.

You would use it to babies too, it's like peek-a-boo, and if you bear that in mind, you'll get a feel for which adults you can use it with.  (I mean, the yoofs who greet each other with that shake-hands punch-fists snap-fingers routine, they do not "coucou" each other!).

It's in BobCollins, with a couple of examples, like "faire un petit coucou au camera", to wave to the camera.



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Coucou, yes, when my friends say they will pop in, 'daytime' only and sadly they always say that they will do un petit coucou, can't remember whether they use the verb donner or faire, one of those.

There were quite a few things that had lots of other meanings, so it isn't definitive by any means, but it is the best thing I have seen so far.

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