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Help with daughter's homework!


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The question is: Ces mots s'ecrivent avec un accent circonflexe; trouve un mot de la meme famille dans lequel cet accent a ete remplace par un 's'.

Sorry I can't get accents on my keyboard, but the words are:

fete arret bete vetement baton

Any help would be very gratefully received!
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fidele -> fidélité

sincere-> sincérité

severe-> sévérité

tiede-> tiédeur

obese-> obésité

It's the noun which corresponds to the adjective.

I thought your previous question was asking for other examples of words where the circumflex replaces an s, eg hospital => hôpital. Sorry if I misunderstood.

Hope your daughter gets top marks!
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As lavenderlady says I would think they are looking for the noun that has the same root as the ajdective. I would have given the same answers as her.

As for whether it looks like a sensible question; well the reason I could answer so quickly is that my son has already had questions like this in primary and even in the brevet des collège at the end of troisieme you get questions about find the  noun that corresponds with the adjective or sometimes even whole families of words.

I wasn't sure about baston (it's probably slang) so I checked in the dictionary. it wasn't there but bastonnade was. It means  hitting someone repeatedly with a stick (there's some useful vocab for us all)

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