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Hi there, I'm studying As french and am having trouble with my reflexive verb conjugations in the passe compose. I'm ok with stuff like going to bed, getting up, having a bath etc.

However, am struggling with putting things such as 'se sentir a l'aise', 'se faire des amis', 's'ennuyer', 's'ameliorer' etc into the past tense - it's the past participle that I'm not sure about (am ok with which person it is in) are these regular or ones that just have to be learnt?

I imagine this is pretty basic stuff but am getting frustrated as my textbooks aren't giving me the answers! Many thanks if anyone can shed some light, though I'm sure you all have better things to do on a sunday morning. Chick 

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the past participle is the same as it would be if the verb wasn't reflexive; some like faire are irregular, some like améliorer are regular

so for example: je me suis fait des amis, le temps s'est amélioré

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