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The story of the weeping camel


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Nothing at all to do with France but might give you all a little diversion from the U.S elections!

I saw the film yesterday and can strongly recommend it. It is set in Mongolia and not France, could be described as a cross between Etre et Avoir and a Michael Palin travel series. (available on DVD I believe)

Happy viewing,



p.s. I should perhaps have put this under the Culture section!
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I think I liked it, Margaret, although it was like watching an over-long home video.  I do feel like I don't need to go to Mongolia any more (not that I've got any chance whatsoever of getting there now that I'm in France, of course ).

It's sweet, that's what I'd say. 

I'm glad they got paid with a satellite dish and TV, it was after all what they wanted. 

Didn't like seeing the little girl getting tied up.  Interesting violin tho.   Did you notice all the jeeps in the background of one shot?  

It was quite odd watching non-actors following what was quite obviously scripted, it left you wondering what exactly you were watching - was it a docu, or amateur dramatics.

Nice to see Mongolia, especially the mountains.

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