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Parler Parlor - Great!


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Someone on this site recommended the ParlerParlor as a good way of getting some french conversation practice and I have been along a few times (in Paris) and find it really great!

You speak half in french, half in english (the aim is to talk informally and help others) and meet such an amazing diverse mixture of people from different nationalities and backgrounds (very good as you learn a lot of new vocab and interesting things).

It is free for a "try" and aften then you can get a pass for 10 times for €70 which I think is very good value.

It really helps to bulid up your speaking confidence - highly recommended.



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Rob, sounds an interesting idea but you don't feel schizoid moving from language to language?  I quite often get involved in crazy conversations with colleagues where we move between French/Arabic/English and it leaves me quite dazed!  But it's funny when you all find that there are certain things you can express better in one language than the other.  M
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