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Any experience with using Berlitz


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Well like many of you, I have moved here recently and need to learn French. Mine is pretty much limited to Oui and Une Bier SVP.

So have been told that berlitz is pretty good at getting you up to speed on French... was wondering if any of you have any experienece in using them.

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If you are talking about the language school rather than the tapes, here us my experience:

My ex-company generously gave everyone a course at Berlitz on moving to France. They are very regimented in how they teach and also the syllabus they teach. I had several different teachers (high teacher turn over and changing lesson times due to work pressures) and they were all very similar in technique. Personally, I would have preferred a more tailored approach (I had 1:1 lessons) - i.e. learning subjects that would have been useful to me which they were not allowed to do. However they seemed strong on grammar and did hammer home the vocab in their books, but it was very reminiscent of my school days. I have since gone with a freelance teacher who is far more flexible and this is more rewarding for me as I can focus on areas that are of interest and feel like a grown up. My husband also tried with Berlitz but gave up as they were too inflexible so he found it a waste of time.You may want to check prices too - they were expensive compared to other schools.

I guess it comes down to how you learn best and what you can afford....


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This is really interesting because Dobsie's experience is so different to that of a friend of mine who, against my better judgement, enrolled at Berlitz rather than Alliance.  She later complained that she didn't learn enough grammar, merely strings of phrases parrot fashion.  So she could sprout all these sentences as and when required but she didn't understand how they were constructed.  The course was also very expensive compared to AF.  M
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I used Berlitz books and tapes when I first started to revise my French after a gap of 20 years... I found it easy to use. I listened to the tapes and read for quite a while before I did any excercises ,,, I found this suited me best



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