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le même chose ou paraître


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Yes correct L'animal, bet you've propped up a few heavy zincs in yr time, you're right comme dab but      'la même chose Patron siouplaît, en double si possible' even better.

Yes, another potential pitfall this 'le/la même' vs 'pareil'. Before toute chose si vs me le permettez, can I recommend some reading matter, 2 excellent books:

'1001 Pittfalls in French' ISBN 0812096517    and (bit of a mouthful this one):

'The Ultimate French review and practice: mastering French grammar for condident communication' (sorry haven't got it with me, so no ISBN)

both available on AMAZON for less than 20 Euros/£14

Also, the following websites are useful:

www.french.about.com ; www.bbc.co.uk/languages/french; www.languageguide.org/français

www.frenchinaclick.com (not free this one but excellent); www.bonjourdefrance.com

To simplify, if you want to say 'oh well it's the same (thing)' (but not in a comparative way) then it's 'c'est pareil' in French, not 'cest le même'.

If you mean 'it's the same' in a comparative way ('it's the same (one)' - as in e.g 'it's the same as the one we saw yesterday') then you'll say 'c'est le/la même que celui...etc.'

Now, for the slang-orientated zozios amongst you, please note that:

'C'est pareil / c'est la même chose' is often rendered by:

- the very commonly-used colloquial phrase 'c'est kif-kif' or the even stranger 'c'est kif-kif bourricot'

- the very commonly-used (but not colloquial) phrase: 'c'est du pareil au même' (much of a muchness)

'Pareil' and 'même' are also used in many other guises in French ('De même' -likewise- spring to mind), too many to list, consult Le Petit Robert for more details.


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Pareil can mean similar, or the same, whereas le même, or la même chose just means the same. But often they are interchangable.

Pareil can also mean such, for example, je n'ai jamais entendu une chose pareille.

Right now, à pareille heure, je devrais être couchée!
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